Mr. Patrick Tippoo, Biovac Institute, South Africa

Mr. Tippoo is Head of Science and Innovation at Biovac.    He is a founding member and the current Executive Director of the African Vaccine Manufacturing Initiative (AVMI), advocating for the establishment of vaccine development and manufacturing capacity in Africa.  He currently serves as Vice President of the Developing Country Vaccine Manufacturers Network (DCVMN) and is on the board of the recently formed Emerging BioPharmaceuticals Manufacturing Network (EBPMN).  

Ms. Meng LI, CNBG, China

Ms. Li obtained a master’s degree in Process Engineering and a bachelor’s degree in Bioscience. She assumed the responsibility of the Head of International Cooperation at CNBG since 2013, before that, she took several management positions in international cooperation projects and commercial deals. Her major duties encompass developing, managing, and executing cooperation projects with foreign enterprises, NGOs, and research organizations overseas.

With 16 years’ working experience, she is proficient in the technical and business operations in the biological industry, including vaccines, diagnostics, and therapeutic products. She assists the CNBG leadership in corporate strategy design and has good experiences in business development and NGO projects. She lead and successfully completed a number of technical partnerships, in-licensing, NGO funding support, overseas registration, and commercial cooperation deals, including the bOPV capacity expansion and prequalification program with BMGF, the establishment of CNBG’s first JV with a foreign company, and the first overseas acquisition by CNBG. She organized and led the discussions with CROs and relevant authorities regarding the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine PhIII trials in multiple countries, and played a key role in expediting the deployment of Covid-19 trials in 6 countries. She led the team completing all agreements and applications within one month and started the world’s first inactivated Covid-19 vaccine trial by CNBG in June 2020. She was also the key contact of overseas licensing and registration.


She is the executive member of Emerging Biopharmaceutical Manufacturer Network (EBPMN) and served as the EC member of Developing country Vaccine Manufacturers Network (DCVMN) from 2014-2016.

Mr. Tiago Rocca, Instituto Butantan, Brazil

Rocca has been working at Butantan for over 14 years and has assumed responsibilities in several other areas related to vaccines and biopharmaceuticals production, technology transfer, validation, and QA. Pharmacist and post-graduated in Health Law at Public Health School USP and in Pharma Business Management at ESPM, he completed the course on GMP for Influenza Vaccines Manufacturers at BTEC-NCSU. Currently is the Secretary of Emerging Biopharmaceuticals Manufacturers Network (EBPMN).

Mr. Syed S Ahmed, TechInvention, India

In his current capacity as Director & CEO at TechInvention, Mr. Syed is leading quite a few strategic capacity-building initiatives in LMICs in the arena of Vaccines & Biologics. He is also steering R&D projects encompassing: Novel Biologics for infectious diseases as well as Vaccines with other 7 patents in its portfolio. These products are customized to suit the needs of Developing countries. Also in its "Access" vertical at TechInvention, Syed has enabled Developing country vaccine manufacturers to secure long-term supply contracts as well established their products in MICs in a staged backward integration model successfully. Syed is a pharmacist with a post-graduation in Business Management with over 25 years of experience in leading strategic projects/initiatives in the pharmaceutical sector across Latam, Africa, the Middle East & Asia.